A contemporary fashion and streetwear brand. Designed by Tye Turner, the brand is built on the foundations of high quality materials, clean silhouettes and the fusion of fashion and technology. Founded in Perth, Australia, Tye combines influences from his upbringing in Australia with his keen eye for detail, original ideas and his love for tech and innovation. With a focus on exceptional fit and crafted fabrics, the brand creates new garments monthly for both men and women, as they blur the lines of garments & technology.

Established in 2019, Medicle Studios has grown into one of Perth's leading luxury streetwear and contemporary brands, representing a community united by their love of bold designs, innovation and expression.

Medicle Studios integrates technology into all of their garments, either graphically through references, or literally, by incorporating out of the box technical ideas into well known silhouettes.

Just like the technology that envelops the modern world, the brand is constantly in development and constantly evolving.


Australian-Filipino creative director Tye Turner has established himself as a creative powerhouse in the worlds of music, events and fashion. From DJing festivals and running multiple nightclub events to releasing music on a record label and styling upcoming musicians.

Intrigue in the intricate process of fashion design has pushed Tye to focus on garment construction and development, looking to hone his craft and share his unique take on modern fashion.